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CFA's Walk For Awareness

  • CFA's Walk For AwarenessImage: Macquarie Media

CFA District 17, will take to May Park to raise awareness.

CFA District 17 Operations Manager Dale Russell, will take to May Park, Friday (April 21) along with the rest of his staff and volunteers to raise awareness for PTSD and Depression.

Mr Russell said that this was not a fundraiser, but about raising awareness of depression & post-traumatic stress disorder.

Depression & PTSD are both silent killers and have a devastating impact on family, friends and colleagues.

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District 17 Operations Manager, Dale Russell says the walk isn't a fundraiser, but for the awareness of depression, and encourages members of the community and other emergency responders to participate.

The walk will be from 10 AM until 1 PM, at May Park Horsham, Friday April 21st.