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Variety bash delivers

Variety bash delivers

Day two of Variety bash delivers 10k check to Warrnambool Special Development school

The Variety bashers will wake up in the beautiful Adelaide hills town of Handorf tomorrow morning after visiting Warrnambool special development school today to make a presentation..

A fundraising Cheque was given to the school with Julie Baxter from Variety saying the money will assist students learning...

Ten thousand dollars was given to Warrnambool Special development school to purchase to large tv screens to assist with the students learning.

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Warrnambool Special Development school principal Robert Dowell says he was thrilled to receive a
10 thousand dollar cheque from the Vic Variety Bash.

The new 15 million dollar school is nearing completion on Woollaston Road Warrnambool.

Mr Dowell says they should take over occupancy by the end of the year with students to move in next year.

Seasoned Vic basher and 3WM, Mixx FM and the Weekly Advertisers General Manager Brendan O'Loughlin says "there are three cars from Horsham on the bash and you can easily donate to the local cars by going to".

Mr O'Loughlin said the bash ensemble of vehicles will hopefully bring some joy to towns as they role in and deliver much needed goods to children and families that need it "we give kids ipads that need them, some kids will receive brand new bikes - kids that may not have the chance in their life to ever get a new bike".

For more details - to follow the Bashes journey or donate, click on the link below.

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