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A Ride to Remember

A Ride to Remember

400 participants embarked on the Wall to Wall Ride to Remember over the weekend.

Over the weekend, fallen police were commemorated at the 10th annual Wall to Wall Ride to remember.

Riders from all over the country embarked on the journey with over 400 participants leaving from the St Kilda memorial 8 am on Friday morning. Riders then travelled to Canberra to assemble with policing members from across Australia at the National Police Memorial

Amongst the 400 participants were Wimmera Superintendent Paul Margetts and Acting Senior Sergeant Simon Grant.
Superintendent Paul Margetts says the ride is a great chance for those in the emergency service sector to support each other.

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Superintendent Paul Margetts spoke to Lottie Reiter from The Weekly Advertiser about how emotional this trip woudl be.

"" Mr Margetts said the ride was an emotional trip for all participating riders and policing members.

He said this year’s event would be particularly difficult because it marked one year since Senior Sergeant Vic Kostiuk’s death, an officer who died on the ride last year.

“For me, it’s a really emotional journey where I get the opportunity, while I’m on the ride, to think about colleagues who have lost their lives at work, and also think about their families who I know quite well,” he said.

“This year will be especially emotional.

“It will be the first anniversary of the death of Senior Sergeant Vic Kostiuk who died on the ride last year, so we plan to stop along the way on Friday and have a memorial service on the side of the road.” ""

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