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Battle of Ideas

  • Battle of IdeasJeff Kennett. IMAGE: Macquarie Media

Liberals should be the "Sensible Centre"

Outspoken former Victorian Premier Jeff Kennett say he’s “disappointed” with Malcolm Turnbull’s veiled swipe at Tony Abbott while in London.

But the former state Liberal Party leader has rejected any suggestion Mr Abbott will once again challenge for the leadership.

Speaking in London, Mr Turnbull said the Liberal Party wasn’t conservative, rather in the “sensible centre” of politics.

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Mr Kennett said the Prime Minister had broken one of the golden rules of politics by discussing internal affairs while overseas.

“There was a good reason for that (rule),” Mr Kennett said on Melbourne Radio's 3AW.

“Why has he put at risk, the overwhelming perception that this trip has been a good trip, by entering into Australian politics.”