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Wind, snow, hail & storms

Wind, snow, hail & storms

Rough weather ahead with a months rain possible over next few days

It'll be cool enough for snow from tomorrow night and maybe even a little overnight this evening and also friday.

Wintry blizzard -ish conditions will hit alpine areas and snow could fall below 500 to 600 metres and there could be half a meter of the white stuff in it.

Richard Carlyon Senior forecaster from the Bureau of Meteorology is also expecting a severe weather warning tomorrow night for damaging winds with peak gusts over Alpine areas set to hit 120kph and 90-110 elsewhere.

Its also possible some parts of the state may get half a months worth of rain in 2-3 days with the North eastern section set for between 30-80 mil with other areas like the Western District and Wimmera looking at falls of 5-25 mil.

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Whilst snow may fall on local ranges in the Grampians the bureau says conditions may be dangerous with the blizzard like weather, colder temperatures and wind gusts making it not ideal to go trekking through snow or into the mountains.

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