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Mayor calls for blue bikes

Mayor calls for blue bikes

HRCC Mayor has a plan for Melbournes soon to be homeless blue bikes

If Horsham Rural city Mayor Mark Radford has his way there could be several ex Melbourne Blue Bikes getting around town.
The two million dollar a year scheme is about to end as it's not proving successful in the city that sees close to 10 million domestic and 2.7 million international visitors to the popular city each year.

Mr Radford called the Neil Mitchell Program on Friday to say how handy the bikes could be in the Wimmera...with the river track and the trail from Natimuk to Mount Arapiles.

"We've got some beautiful cycling tracks on our Wimmera River in Horsham and we've got a wonderful cycling track from Natimuk out to Arapiles and we get tourists from all around Victoria and South Australia and I reckon it'd be great to provide some of those bikes for our visitors to use"

"If you think of all the rail trails which are around the state now, you know not everybody can put a bike in the back of the ute or car when they go on a holiday and I think the rail trails are the first thing that come to mind and I'm sure other councils would accept them with joy as well"

When Mitchell asked if we'd pay for them Mr Radford said "Well I reckon we might be able to help with the Helmets and I think the local mens sheds would be able to maintain them".

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Neil pointed out the bikes were worth 4 grand each to which Mr Radford replied with a chuckle..

"I'm not sure we'd operate them the same way they would in Melbourne - I reckon we'd just be happy to trust people to ride the bike and bring it back, I'm sure they work just fine mate".

So we could have some ex Melbourne blue bikes coming our way!

*Photo Courtesy of 3AW

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