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Burglary and arson

Burglary and arson

Police investigate burglary and arson in Horsham

An investigation is underway into how an iconic Horsham business was robbed and destroyed by fire on Saturday morning.

Detective Senior Constable Neale Roberts of Horsham Criminal Investigation Unit said offenders broke into the Roberts Avenue business and ransacked the building.

“The offenders stole money and started fires inside in an attempt to destroy the building,” he said.

“We believe that was done to cover any forensic evidence they might leave behind.

“They have caused a significant amount of damage with the fire they started.

“The damage done to the business and money stolen could be in excess of $50,000.

“The owners of the business are devastated and it is a significant loss to them."

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Det Roberts said a business next to the florist was able to open for business after a cleanup.

Anyone with information to the incident is urged to contact Horsham police or Crime Stoppers.

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