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Carols could be moved

Carols could be moved

Carols organisers tough decision

Families across the Wimmera will be crossing everything hoping that Sunday nights Carols by Candlelight are kept at Sawyer park to accommodate the two thousand plus locals that attend the yearly extravaganza.

However once again mother nature is looking like throwing a spanner in the works with rain forecast for the next three days from tomorrow afternoon..

Friday the Bureau of meteorology is forecasting up to 2mil with a 40% chance of the rain occurring, Saturday up to 1 mil is possible and on Sunday there's a High (70%) chance of showers, most likely in the morning and afternoon and between 2 and 5 mil.

A decision will be made tomorrow night or Saturday morning whether to keep the event outside or move it indoors and split it into two shows.

Simon Dandy one of the lead organisers...says the decision needs to be made early to ensure enough time for setup.

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"Unfortunately it isn't looking super great at the moment, we have to make a decision relatively could be Friday night or Saturday morning, as early as that because once you start setting up with the sound and all the lighting equipment - you obviously need time to get that into the town hall and as we will be simulcasting to the Harvest church and Horsham church of Christ...and that all needs to be established, so the decision will be made probably Friday night, Saturday morning and then communicated out through the media channels accordingly, but yeh I hope everyone just prays for a good event, because we all want it outside that's what Carols is all about, sitting with your family and friends on a rug enjoying the entertainment".

Mr Dandy says if the weather doesn't turn out their way, the event will still go ahead.

"If something out of our control happens, we'll make it work and yes it will be different but it will be fantastic as well, we proved that two years ago"

Carols will be live streamed into the Horsham Church of Christ and Harvest church and will also be broadcast on Mixx 101.3.

The show if moved could be split into two slots to allow locals the opportunity to be able to experience the carols - details of this will be broadcast on Mixx 101.3 and 1089 3WM and also communicated via social media.

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