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Cash found in Horsham

Cash found in Horsham

Horsham Police looking for to reunite Owner with lost cash

Horsham Police in the last three months have been handed in a substantial amount of cash.

Whilst not specifying the exact date of when the money was handed in - Superintendent Paul Margetts says "There's a few thousand and its a bizarre number".

Again not specifying the exact location of the find Mr Margetts said "It was found in Horsham and handed in within the past three months - the cash was in a satchel and is a bizarre amount and we're looking for the owner who will know exactly how much is in there".

Anyone with information or thinking that the money could possible be theirs is urged to contact the Horsham Police station.

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Superintendent Margetts went on to say - "we're talking a substantial amount of cash that's been handed in, we're talking a few thousand dollars - if anyone has lost a substantial amount of cash in the Horsham area - contact Senior Sergeant Leigh Creasey at the Horsham Police station".

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