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Vaccine Hub Announced

Vaccine Hub Announced

Ballarat will be the Pfizer vaccine storage hub, but locals can still get it at home

8 hubs have been established across Victoria for the vaccine's storage, due of the logistics of transporting and keeping the vaccine at a temperature below 70 degrees Celsius.

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The vaccine will arrive in Ballarat where it will be stored, and then batched up to be distributed to other centers around the region, such as in Horsham and likely others. It will then be unpacked and restored for use on locals.

Wimmera Health Care Group director of medical services Dr Rob Pegram says the vaccine is likely to be available around Mid March.

Due to numbers of the vaccine in the country, the vaccine cannot be administered to everyone immediately.

Metro Hotel Quarantine frontline workers will be immunised first, then frontline workers across the board such as paramedics, health care workers, and residents and staff in aged care facilities.

Mt. Pegram says the rollout is dependent on several factors, including when the vaccine arrives in Australia with enough quantity to distribute it to a large enough group, and also when the hubs have their processes in shape to be able to distribute it more widely.

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