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Heat Warning and TFB

Heat Warning and TFB

Plan ahead and check on your friends and family

The Chief Health Officer has issued a heat health alert based on the Bureau of Meteorology 7-day forecast with the next few days temperatures reaching over 35 degrees and the predicted max 46 on friday for Horsham, 42 for Ararat, Edenhope 45 and 47 in the Mallee with Mildura spiking at a record 47 for this time of year.

The forecast conditions may cause an increase in heat related illnesses in the community and we're asked to keep an eye on our neighbours, pets, elderly and pregnant friends and family.

Extreme heat can affect anyone. Pregnant women, people with a pre-existing medical condition, people aged over 65 and children and babies are most at risk.

Organisations should monitor local weather conditions using the Bureau of Meteorology’s Heatwave Service for Australia and respond in accordance with their heat plans. Individuals should also prepare for the heat.

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Heat kills more Australians than any natural disaster with the DHS advising us to:

- Drink more water

- Never leave kids, elderly or pets in cars

- Check in on others

- Do your best to keep cool

- Plan ahead

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