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Photo: Sporting Shooters Association of Australia

Duck Hunting cancelled?

Duck Hunting cancelled?

Photo: Sporting Shooters Association of Australia

Member for Western Victoria

Duck Hunting season is due to start May 2, however the Member for Western Victoria, Bev McArthur suggests that the Minister for Environment is considering cancelling the season.

McArthur says the duck hunting season strengthens the economy for regional towns, reminding everyone that in 2013 the Department of Environment and Primary Industries estimated that duck hunting contributed $106.3 million per year to the Victorian economy.

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McArthur says duck hunting season must go ahead and, “Country Victoria is crying out for economic stimulus amid decimation by natural disasters and the subsequent plummeting of tourism, compounded by fewer foreign tourists as a result of the coronavirus. This Labor government appears ready to turn its back on them.”

“The Victorian Labor Party must decide whether the 2020's will be the decade of their continued drift towards city-centrism in their electoral turf war with the Greens and other activists or whether they will stand up and fight for rural and regional communities who are continuously overlooked in the rush for tram-track votes.”

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