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Works to recommence

Works to recommence

Minister Allen says Western Highway duplication to recommence

Jacinta Allen - Transport infrastructure Minister has stated over the weekend the importance of the western highway duplication project being completed.

The project has been halted for some time due to the verifying of culturally significant trees and indigenous protection groups working to save them.

MS Allen says that section of the highway is currently very dangerous with many fatalities which is why the project is so important and must be completed.....

Eleven Fatalities have been recorded over the past few years with the Minister saying residents, emergency service workers and road users are keen for construction to recommence so the highway will be safer to travel.

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Construction is set to to restart in the coming weeks with Minister Allen saying the Victorian Government will be keeping a close on the project to see that it is completed.

The Victorian government has made adjustments to the original duplication plan by changing the route to avoid culturally significant trees in the path of the original duplication.

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