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Jay Allens march

Jay Allens march

Mellanoma march crew pass through Wimmera

Getting your skin checked regularly is the message Jay Allen and his crew from Jays longest Melanoma march have sent out to Wimmera residents.

The entourage of walkers an support vehicles passed through the Wimmera over the weekend and Monday with Jay Allen head organiser saying we must be super vigilant and protective of our skin.

He said it was really important to get our skin checked, to be sun smart - wear sunscreen, hats and clothes that cover our skin and to make sure that any lump, bump, mole or freckle that looks suspicious is checked out by a professional.

Mr Allen who battled melanoma in 2008 was urged by his wife to have a mole on his ankle looked at after it kept scabbing up and bleeding.

He was later shocked to find out he had melanoma that had spread to the lymph nodes in his groin..had all his lymph nodes removed and now 40 staples later its changed his life and he now devotes a lot of his time spreading the message to get checked and raise funds for Melanoma research.

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The walk has raised close to two hundred thousand dollars and will arrive in Melbourne Easter weekend, with Sydney the final destination in mid may after starting out in Adelaide on March 31.

Mr Allen says if anyone wants to donate its best to go to the facebook page 'Jays longest melanoma march' or the and click on the link for Jays Melanoma march there.

Mr Allen pointed out if it wasn't for his wife urging to get checked he probably wouldn't have done it so his message is "listen to your wife, 100% listen and know shes always right'.

He also went on to thank Horsham Rotary Club Gerry Smith and the Exchange hotels Mel and Nick for free accomadation during they're stay in the Wimmera.

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