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Rees family going hard

Rees family going hard

Telanagatuks Rees family are working their butts off to raise funds for GFA

The REES Family from Telangatuk are extremely thankful to the Royal childrens hospital for help saving their son Joels life when he had a stroke at JUST 3.

FOR TEN WEEKS JOEL learnt how to walk and talk 14, Joel is fully recovered and his family for many years has done everything they can to raise funds for the Royal Childrens Hospital Good Friday appeal.

Joels Mum Karen has even setup a committee for the Good Friday Appeal in Telanfgatuk - that organises fundraisers like the recent 18 hole Ambrose golf day.

Joels - Karen says they have families from all around the area getting out and supporting the cause - collecting donations along the river and visiting Rocklands which is a well known camping destination over Easter.

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The Rees family themselves will be traveling hundreds of Kilometers today gathering donations but if you would like to donate specifically to Telangatuks tally and see their figure climb during the day, feel free to give Karen and call to make a pledge -which she says they can also do receipts for.

Karen Rees - 0409 334 087

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