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Push up challenge

Horsham Push Up Challenge

Horsham Push Up Challenge

Push up challenge

Headspace Horsham issues push-up challenge

Headspace Horsham is calling on Wimmera people to join thousands of Australians in The Push-Up Challenge, a program encouraging people to use their isolation to raise money for and awareness of mental-health programs.

Participants will connect virtually from Monday to May 31 to challenge themselves physically and learn about mental health.

Perth engineer Nick Hudson established The Push-Up Challenge three years ago after experiencing depression relating to major open-heart surgery.

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Headspace Horsham team members are each completing 3046 push-ups across three weeks and have encouraged young people, businesses, gyms and clubs in the area to join them.

Headspace Horsham community development co-ordinator Louise Barnett said the challenge was a great opportunity to come together and create a Wimmera ‘push-up’ community.

“We can challenge our physical health and get on Zoom to do some push-ups and have a giggle together – all of which are great ways to boost your mental health. The push up challenge is free to join and you don’t have to raise money to be involved,” she said.

Each day as part of the challenge people complete a number of push-ups to reflect a mental-health statistic.

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