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Horsham water restored

Horsham water restored

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Horsham Water restored after pumps were turned off

HORSHAM residents had little water pressure and in some cases no water at all on Thursday morning after GWMWater turned off the pumps for maintenance.

The water main into Horsham was switched off for maintenance work, and once the work was complete the pumps could not be switched back on.

GWMWater Executive Manager, Andrew Rose, said this is first time this has ever happened.

"We were doing some maintenance on the main into Horsham yesterday and it required turning the pumps off," Mr Rose said.

"The pumps wouldn't start again this morning but they have kicked in now.

"So the consequence, there was low pressure and some instances no water in the mains in Horsham and throughout the course of the morning that will improve as the mains recharge."

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Mr Rose could not confirm when the mains would be completely recharged and full water pressure would be restored to residents.

"It's a bit unknown at this stage, we've never down this before, this has never happened before," he said.

"People should start to notice the difference in some areas almost immediately while in some areas it will take a little longer."

If people do have any issues they can contact GWMWater or check their Facebook page.

Mr Rose said there could be a bit of dirty water come through the system at first.

"There could be a little bit of turbid water or dirty water come through the system as it's recharging," he said

"If (the water) is just avoid washing perhaps this morning."

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