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Kaniva is Optimistic

Kaniva is Optimistic

Is Kaniva Australia's Most Optimistic Town?

Lockdown's and border closures aren't getting the West Wimmera town of Kaniva down...

The people of Kaniva have asked their townsfolk, "What makes you optimistic?" and will host a town "Optimism Pub Dinner" tomorrow night (Wednesday, August 18), to plan out the future of the town. This includes working on ways to make that optimism even more infectious and the key resource for town growth.

Residents of Kaniva have faced border closures impacting their locally run shops, lockdown's despite no Covid-19 cases within a two-hour drive. The town's last bank branch is closing, the heritage railway station burnt down three years ago, and not too far away the EPA is dealing with an illegal chemical waste dump.

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But there's an Australian spirit of relentless optimism to be tapped for the future, for innovation, opportunity and growth.

The town is looking forward to new entrepreneurs in the local pub, motel, cafe and more! Kaniva has made its own edition to the Silo Art Trail, the brilliant and innovative "Sheep Trail"! The community also bought the servo as it was also set to close, and runs itself.

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