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Mental Health focus

Mental Health focus

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Government urged to focus on Mental health figures during lockdown

ANOTHER 5 days of businesses being closed and homeschooling has many regional Victorians frustrated once again.

Member for Lowan and Shadow Minister for Mental Health, Women and the Prevention of Family Violence, Emma Kealy says the Covid 19 pandemic is not the only health issue the state is facing.

"We need to look at this more than just the prism of how many daily stats there are because we don't hear about the calls to kids helpline and we're not hearing about the amount of calls to lifeline or beyond blue.

We're not hearing about the ED presentations due to people self harming or victims of family violence, we're not hearing of the number of call outs to police for family violence incidents and people who just aren't coping well".

Miss Kealy said she wants the government to take more notice of the impacts lock downs are having.

"I guess my message to the government is, lets start looking at more than just one Kpi of how many cases of Corona Virus there are, lets focus it on mental health as well".

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With Lockdown into its 6th day now and another 6 to go, Miss Kealy is asking for the government to shift their focus to the number of Victorians struggling mentally as well as taking a measured approach to protecting us from Covid.

The Shadow Minister for Mental health says..sitting in on her sons home schooling meeting saw her hear all the kids saying 'are we going to school tomorrow'.

"You know that is all the kids want is to get back to school and given we're hundreds of kilometers away from the closest Covid case, all I call on the Government to do is understand that there is more than one risk that we are managing at the moment.

In terms of the health response its absolutely important that we lock down areas where there are positive cases of corona virus and we do that in a measured way, because there is also a mental health risk to adults and children".

If you need help or know someone that does contact lifeline on 13 11 14.

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