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Regional leagues need help

Regional leagues need help

Laharum President calls for regional league reviews

Three weeks ago the Ararat Eagles were pummeled by Great western by 509 points which has seen Penshurst and Hawkesdale MacArthur looking to leave the Mininera league and move into the Warrnambool football and netball and just a couple of years ago
the Southern Mallee giants were smashing everything in sight in the Horsham and district league and moved to the Wimmera league where games are now fairer.

On the weekend Laharum were belted by 312 points by Harrow Balmoral...

Laharum President Tim Nagorcka says leagues across the state are lop sided and something needs to be done...."I think the VCFL or the AFL needs to do a review on country footy and maybe look at something like going to two divisions where the top two go up and the bottom two go down just to even it up and be more competitive"

"All credit to Harrow Balmoral who are a terrific side - they're unbeatable and they're all local blokes and that's a good thing for them and just in general I spose they're one of a few teams like that and we see the Southern Mallee Giants go up to another league a few years ago and its fantastic to see and they're should be more of that".

Asked about using the mercy rule, Nagorcka says ..

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"Look I don't know that we really need to see it if the competition is even - it is disappointing for all clubs that get a flogging week in week out to turn up and know they're gunna get beaten by one hundred points or would be just great to see a more even competition, I don't think we need to bring a mercy rule in but if were not going to go to something that's more competitive its something we may need to probably look at in the future".

Mr Nagorcka said in his opinion he wasn't sure when the mercy rule should be used =-

"Ah that's good question - I don't know the answer to that one but probably two hundred points would be fair and reasonable and that would see at least probably at least three quarters of the game get played... I don't really know the full answer to it, Im just saying that we need to look at a few things in country footy".


The President has said though there are plans for a prosperous future for the club...

"We've been working on next year for the past month or two probably and we've got some stuff lined up but we cant announce yet but will be announcing shortly. At the end of the day recruiting is very hard as there's so many clubs just drawn out of Horsham it just makes it almost impossible sometimes to recruit fairly heavily but we've got things in place for next year already and things are looking ok and we're just gunna keep working on that and see what we come up with, you know this year has just been an exceptional one with the amount of injuries we've had it just makes it hard and we're not the only club in that situation that's for sure".

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