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Re-elected Liberal MP Louise Staley with Ripon Electoral Officer Ian McLean

Liberals hold Ripon

Liberals hold Ripon

Re-elected Liberal MP Louise Staley with Ripon Electoral Officer Ian McLean

Liberals win seat of Ripon

Update December 10

Re-elected Liberal MP for the seat of Ripon Louise Staley has described the past two weeks as a rollercoaster.

Ms Staley was formally declared the representative for the seat of Ripon on Monday morning by just 15 votes over Labor candidate Sarah De Santis, making the electorate the most marginal in Victoria.

Ms Staley said she is honoured and delighted to be re-elected.

"I know that Ms De Santis, the Labor candidate, has not had the result she wanted, there can only be one winner and I know that she worked very hard and I also know that the last fortnight must have been very difficult for her as it was for me," Ms Staley said.

"But [I] have held the seat of Ripon for the Liberal Party and I really can not tell the people of Ripon enough how honoured I am to be given this opportunity to serve you again.

"It has been a very, very long and hard fight to get here today, not just the final few weeks but over the past four years. I have met and worked with so many great people over that time."

Ms Staley said her and the Liberal's know there is a lot of work to do to rebuild over the next four years.

"There were lots and lots of issues that have played out here in Ripon and across the broader Victorian electorate," she said.

"My party has a lot of thinking to do, a lot of working to do but today I just want to say thank you to the people of Ripon and to the Liberal Party for endorsing me and supporting me."

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Ms Staley promises to hold the Labor Party to account for the commitments that have made to the region.

"The first priority is both myself as the Liberal Party candidate and the Labor Party made a series of announcements over the period, election commitments, so I need to hold Labor on delivering on those," she said.

"There was also a number of announcements which I made which Labor did not match, however these were all things that I know people of those communities want and need so I'll be working really hard to make sure that they get delivered too."

Ms Staley also understands with a seat split done the middle she will have to work hard over this term of government, but will represent all people within the Ripon electorate.

"This has been a marginal seat for the entire time I've held it," she said.

"I can only be who I am and work as hard as I can and I will continue to do that and through that say to the people of Ripon this is what I offer you and it is up to them to choose. I represent all constituents.

"Most of our work that we do on a day-to-day basis is helping people and it has nothing to do with who they voted for it's what their needs is."

Ms Staley will return to parliament on the 19 December whether or not Ms De Santis and the Labor Party decide to contest the result in the Court of Disputed Returns.

Ms Staley also said she has not thought about a shadow cabinet position or leadership role within the party, her focus has solely been on the outcome of the election.

"I have just been very focused on this moment. I just really want to impress upon people, this is personally for candidates a really, really hard thing. I haven't been thinking about anything else quite frankly and last night was the first night I've had any sort of sleep," she said.


Incumbent Liberal MP Louise Staley is set to be declared the winner of the seat of Ripon by just 15 votes or 0.02 per cent, more than two weeks after the state election.

It's a small win for the Liberal Party who lost a number of key seats to the Labor Party in this year's election.

In one of the most marginal seats in Victoria, a full recount of the preference distribution was ordered by the Victorian Election Commission on Friday after Labor candidate Sarah De Santis looked to be elected with a margin of 31 votes.

Ms Staley will be declared the winner on Monday, December 10.

Ms De Santis will be able to take the outcome to the Court of Disputed Returns but Ms Staley can resume her seat in parliament once declared.

Ms Staley was first elected to parliament in 2014 and at that election won the seat from Labor by a margin or 0.8 per cent or 601 votes.

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