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Local Grain Farmers

Local Grain Farmers

"Farmers will now have to work to find a solution"

Grain Producers Chair Andrew Weidemann says Australian barley growers will likely look at growing new crops in the next few years

China has gone through with its threat to impose tariffs of more than 80 percent on Australian Barley for the next FIVE years .. Claiming Australian farmers have been subsidised by the Government

Grain Producers Chair Andrew Weidemann says farmers will now have to work to find a solution

"Now we have to try and rebuild the market so that we can actually try and improve the price for Barley but also the competitive edge we had when we had China there so its going to be a lot of work and a lot of hours ahead..
to try and work with the Chinese through our government through the first point to try and at least get them to the table to negotiate some form of retribution to get our grain into their market place again"

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Local Wimmera Farmer Julie Hausler says they have already sown their Barley crops and didnt have time to change their program..and with India also imposing tarrifs on lentils she feels like farmers are stuck in a political game....and may have to look at more on farm storage come harvest in November and hopes more Aussies start drinking beer to boost the local barley market....

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