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Mockinya farmer hurt

Mockinya farmer hurt

40 year old Mockinya farmer flown to Alfred hospital

A 40 year old Mockinya farmer has been flown to the Alfred hospital this afternoon after receiving facial burns and singeing after trying to put out a shed fire on his property.

The fire started from a discarded cigarette butt and quickly got underway whilst the man was in his home cooking lunch.When he returned the 40 year old attempted to put the fire out and was burnt in the process.

Ambulance victoria transported the man to Horsham airport to await transfer to Melbourne and the he was said to be quite joyful and up about chatting to paramedics.

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The damage from the fire according to onsite commander Peter Lucas was around one and half hectares with private units arriving immediately to assist and stop the fire from crossing the Henty Highway.

Two units from Brimpaen and one from Wonwondah and Laharum attended the scene with Mr Lucas commending the private units from arriving so quickly and assisting.

Mr Lucas went on to say the conditions are extremely dry and this is a warning people need to be extremely vigilant with cigarette buts and the fire precautions.

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