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42 yo Horsham Man died

42 yo Horsham Man died

Police seeking witnesses prior to the accident before 5pm Sunday

Horsham police have confirmed a 42 year old Horsham man lost control of his motorcycle yesterday afternoon, saying speed was involved in the crash.

Senior Constable Heath Martin said:

"The man was riding the motorbike south along the Northern Grampians road and failed to negotiate a right hand bend - come off the road to the left and has crashed with some trees and it was a fairly heavy impact, he died at the scene and he was going too fast for the bend".

"IF anyone was traveling in the area that might have seen the motorbike that was traveling south and might've seen the motorbike- if they can please come forward and contact us at the Horsham police station. We've had some people come forward that have noted they saw a motorbike but there was some of the reports have been different motorbikes but this particular bike was traveling south on the Northern Grampians road at around 4.45pm yesterday"

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Whilst the cause of death is still being investigated, weather and road conditions are said to not have had an impact on the crash.

If you have any information please contact the Horsham Police station on 5382 9200

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