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Is your Home theft proof?

Is your Home theft proof?

Neighborhood watch urging residents to lock up even when you're at home..

How easily could a thief enter your home? That is the question neighborhood watch is asking...with the organisation encouraging locals to take the quick quiz on their website...

In almost one-third of home burglaries, there are no signs that a thief has forced their way in, which means they most likely entered through an open door or window.

We're encouraged to lockup even if we're just out the back mowing the lawn...or are just nicking down to the shops - Neighborhood watch says to make sure all your doors and windows are locked to give burglars less chance to steal our stuff.

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A lot of burglaries happen when the residents are down the backyard, mowing the lawn or even having a nap on the couch...

The survey can be taken at

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