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New Oncology service

New Oncology service

Austin Health and Stawell Regional Health unveil new skin cancer treatment

Austin Health and Stawell Regional Health have unveiled the new Stawell Austin Radiation Oncology Service (SAROS) at Stawell Hospital earlier today.

The service has been in use for the past couple of months and uses radiation therapy to treat patients with skin cancer with, Director of Clinical and Aged Services KATE PRYDE saying the treatment was non invasive and pain free.

"This service was literally put into this region because we know we have people out on farms, out in our communities out on fishing boats who have sadly have succumbed to skin cancers and right now the only place they can got to is to Ballarat for a private service or they have to go into town for a non surgical option - so this is providing this region with the latest and greatest treatment that avoids surgery if its not completely necessary".

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MS Pryde went onto say "The Project was funded by the state government - they provided $250,000 to purchase a state of the art superficial radiation therapy unit and what that does is provide a non invasive, non surgical - pain free option for treating skin cancers and some other selected skin conditions".

What Ms Pryde says is most important is that those in the area know the service in Stawell is available to the public and surgery doesnt have to be the only option.

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