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Crash affects community

Crash affects community

Inspector Di Thomson encourages community to give feedback on the effects of crash

Last weeks accident out of Pimpinio that claimed that life of 60 year old Ferntree gully Grandfather and bus driver Emil Pich left the wimmera community in shock and its this reason that residents who were directly and indirectly affected are asked to have their say about the performance of our emergency services but also how the accident affected them.....

Inspector Di Thomson says many people were disrupted by the accident whether it be emergency responders, workers, footy players and people going about their daily business...

The Accident occurred just after 2am on the Western Highway outside of Pimpinio Thursday morning and is being investigated with Police working to determine the cause.

Its believed the Driver of the truck lost control and over corrected which saw the trailers come free...

Mr Pich - has been hailed as a hero for his evasive action with passengers on his bus saying he saved their lives with his actions.

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The bus Mr Pich was driving hit two overturned trailers lying across both lanes on the Highway and it is still unknown how they became detached from the truck.

A 22 year old Passenger in the Truck has been charged with numerous drug offenses and denied bail after her back pack was searched with police finding over 3 grams of methamphetamine and a tick sheet with names and monetary amounts on it in the drivers wallet.

Teigan Hill of Murray Bridge admitted the tick sheet and drugs were hers and the she was having an affair with the 36 year old truck driver - also of Murray Bridge who was released from custody last week after helping police with their investigations.

Inspector Thomson encourages locals to either jump onto the Horsham eyewatch facebook page, call the station or email

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