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Locals question $$ spent

Locals question $$ spent

The Horsham War memorial pools 1.4 million dollar upgrade has locals asking questions

The Horsham War Memorial pool now has flat wet deck access, ramp access and the depth has been adjusted to accommodate a state of the art filtration and cleaning system to keep the water clean and in top top shape..

Residents have questioned the 1.4 million dollar development wondering why the pool depth had to be changed - John Martin - head of infrastructure at Horsham rural city council says it all boils down to water quality and safety..

"There were a few key issues and one of the main changes was the removal of the raised hob around the whole perimeter of the pool -so what we have got to have now is called a wet deck approach where its basically a flat profile, people can walk straight into the pool, it makes it a lot easier to get into the pool and it makes a lot of easier to see people so there's a safety benefit you can see into the depth of the pool much more easily from the sides if you are patrolling the pool. There is also going to be an access ramp on the side which is going to improve access for a range of people, so there are some of the initial benefits, there's also been a history of high water losses from the pool so the replacement pipework and the concreting work on the base of the pool - plus the plastic lining are going to significantly reduce the water loss from the pool - its going to lead to a much better attainment of required health standards at the pool as well".

And as to why the depth has changed..

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"With the depth changing from 3 meters to 2 - it only needed to be deep when there was a diving board in place, that's not the case anymore, it doesn't need to be that deep - and if the pool was to still be 3 meters deep then we would have to push more water through the filtering system and we couldn't keep up the high water quality standard as well".

"Overall the pool is going to be a similar volume as to what it was in the past but if we had have retained that greater depth it would've been a larger volume it would've meant potentially extra filter bangs and extra operating costs to keep it at the high water quality that we would like".

"The shallow end is going to be slightly deeper, not because its been deepened but because with the new wet deck, the water level will be full to the top of the pool rather than the gaffer in the past..what that means is that the shallow end - it will be a safe depth to allow diving in competitions for school sports or a diving start on a race, not a diving board. Its deep enough to allow diving starts from either end of the pool".

The pool is set to be open in the next couple of weeks with just come landscaping to be done and of course the pool to be filled.

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