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104 offences in Wimmera

104 offences in Wimmera

So many idiots still speeding

Operation regal ended at midnight Monday night with final figures for offence's coming in this morning.

After the horror Easter long weekend locally with several crashes and on fatality our of Ararat..police were certainly visible for the Queens birthday long weekend..

Acting Inspector Brendan Broadbent says whilst there were still a lot of people caught breaking the law - they
were impressed with being able to have so many units present and visible..

7 people were caught speeding just out of St Arnaud on friday - the very first day of the operation and 3 in Donald with one Great Western man caught doing 140 in a 100 zone - the man had his car impounded and will lose his licence for the next six months and yesterday

at Great Western - Highway Patrol caught an 18-year-old male from Tarneit travelling at 139 km/h in 100 zone.

The P1 licence holder received a $604 fine and his driver licence will be suspended for 6 months. He denied the offence by stating he had his cruise control on.

Horsham Highway Patrol also detected a 20-year-old South Australian man travelling at an alleged speed of 160km/h on the Western Highway.

Other alleged incidents included a 20-year-old Long Gully man doing 127km/h on the Wimmera Highway and a Ballarat woman with an unregistered vehicle testing positive for drugs.

The crew also observed mobile phone use.

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128 shifts were filled by Police locally to concentrate on keeping the road toll down over the Queens birthday long weekend.

Of the 104 tickets handed out - the majority were for speeding, with 5 out of just over 600 breath tests coming back positive, whilst this figure isn't too bad, Mr Broadbent says with the amount of time they have spent hammering home the message to not drink and drive its disappointing people still get behind the wheel after drinking.

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