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Image: Macquarie Media

Motion passed

Motion passed

Image: Macquarie Media

Sex offender motion passed

Derryn Hinch Justice parties Stuart Grimley MP and member for Western Victoria yesterday raised a motion about taking the information about convicted child sex offenders, those that are on the register already for life - and putting it in the community for the safety of our children.

The motion asks the Legal and Social Issues Committee to investigate and report back to Parliament the best means to store data and information regarding convicted child sex offenders and investigate the circumstances in which the details of these registered offenders can be made public.

There are over 1500 life registered sex offenders currently living in the community and statistics show that anywhere between 10% to 15% of these will re-offend at some stage.

The Law if it came about would be called "Daniels Law" in honor of Daniel Morcombe, Daniel was abducted from a Sunshine coast bustop in in 2003 when he was 13. In 2014, convicted sex offender Brett Peter Cowan was charged with his murder.

Daniel’s parents Bruce and Denise Morcombe think a register will help educate parents and carers about keeping children safe.

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The motion received support from both sides of the chamber yesterday with the report due back in June next year Mr Grimley says "The legal and social issues committee has a number of items before this one at present so we thought if we extended the deadline to June next year then that would give ample time for plenty of submissions to be made during that period and a proper and thorough report can be delivered to parliament".

"I'd love to have it dealt with tomorrow or yesterday, the quicker we can get onto this the better in my opinion but thats the way parliament is at the moment...and its unfortunate but we have to deal with the cards that we have been handed, there is a report due out in December - a federal report that we'll be closely monitoring...and it was pleasing also that the states has signed on to establish and working group committee to see how we can best work with a national across all the states, all in all we are all working towards a similar goal and hopefully we can get there sooner rather than later".

On what people will be able to see on the register MR Grimley MP says "what we would be suggesting and once again this is totally up to the report and the committee and the submissions that we receive, generally speaking - a name - a photograph - general locality which could be a postcode and the crimes that were committed and basically anything that does not identify the victim that does identify the crime".

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