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Total Fire Ban

Total Fire Ban

A Total Fire Ban Declared For The Entire State Of Victoria

A Total Fire Ban for the entire state of Victoria, with Code Red conditions in the north of the state. Hot temperatures meeting with peak gusts of up to 100 kph has formed the perfect day for fires.

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CFA officials have stated old burn-offs are going to be one of the biggest threats, with property owners being urged to patrol burnt off land from the past 2 weeks.

CFA guidelines report things that are banned or should be avoided on Total Fire Ban days are as follows;

- All camp fires, fires for warmth or personal comfort are BANNED.

- Solid and liquid fuel barbeques and ovens are BANNED (including hangis and spit rotisseries) - UNLESS the barbecue uses only gas or electricity and is a permanently fixed structure built of stone, metal, concrete or another non-flammable material designed exclusively for meal preparation, or is designed and commercially manufactured exclusively for meal preparation (including portable barbecues), and when alight is placed in a stable position.

- Vehicles cannot be driven through crops, grass, stubbles, weeds, undergrowth and other vegetation - UNLESS fitted with an efficient silencing device (e.g. muffler) which takes all the exhaust from the engine through the device.

- Use of self-propelled farm machinery, tractors, slashers, earthmoving, excavating or road making machines propelled by a heat engine within 9 metres of crops, grass, stubbles, weeds, undergrowth and other vegetation should be AVOIDED.

- Welding, grinding, charring, soldering, gas cutting, rail maintenance, heating bitumen, relocating bees using a smoker and extracting honey using heat or flame is all BANNED.

- Use of chainsaws, trimmers and lawn mowers should all be AVOIDED.

- Using an incinerator is BANNED.

- Using a gas scare gun is BANNED.

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