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Training is back on

Training is back on

Local Football and Netball clubs get the green light to get back to training

Local footy and netball clubs received the green light to head back to training however there are 11 protocols that must be strictly adhered too..A COVID safe officer will have to be appointed and local councils must sign off on clubs beginning training again...

There'll be no access to change rooms and social distancing rules applying, no witches hats, cones or other equipment says AFL Wimmera Mallee regional Manager Jason Muldoon.

Groups of ten can train together - with two groups allowed in separate areas with social distancing rules applying and basic hygiene rules are to be adhered to...

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AFL Wimmera Mallee Regional Manager Jason Muldoon says amongst the rules is a list of everyone who trains...

And on the return to Local Footy and Netball Muldoon says "in relation to return to play dates, each league will decide that on their own merits so that will come from the league and the clubs so that will be a decision that each league has to make separately".


1. DO NOT attend small outdoor group training if sick or in contact with someone who has been sick.

2. You should be tested for COVID-19 if you develop fever or respiratory symptoms.

3. Staggered training schedule ie; start times, different days, potential other locations.

4. Alcohol-based hand sanitisers must be available for all team training sessions, with players encouraged to use prior, during and following training.

5. Strictly NO sharing of personal items such as water bottles, food or towels.

6. Players and coaches must not spit or clear nasal passages during training sessions.

7. No high fives, handshakes, or other physical contact.

8. Changerooms, club rooms and wet areas are not to be used.

9. Footballs must be wiped with antibacterial wipes or alcohol-based sanitiser prior to and after training sessions.

10. Players are responsible for their own strapping if required

11. No player massages.

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