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Truck Stop at WHCG

Truck Stop at WHCG

Local truck drivers had to put their loads on hold while getting tested

On Monday (August 30, 2021) truck drivers heading into South Australia were turned back at the boarder due to a new rule put in place where anyone crossing the SA/VIC boarder needs to have a negative Covid test done within 72 hours before hand...

Local truckies who were turned back at the board had to unhooked their loads, than head to the Wimmera Health Care Group in Read Street to get tested.

Many truckies were turned back due to their latest Covid-19 test being older then the 72 hour requirement.

Member for Lowan Emma Kealy spoke with 3WM's Neil Mitchell in relation to the trucks that lined the streets. Kealy says the truckies and transport industry have to follow tight rules and restrictions making it tough for them to just do their job...

From the 24th of September all those who wish to enter South Australia must have proof of at least one Covid-19 shot.

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Member of Lowan, Emma Kealy talks to Neil Mitchell

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