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Businesses may miss out

Businesses may miss out

Member for Ripon Louise Staley calling for transparency on plan

Vaccinated economy trials are set to begin in the coming weeks - when the state meets the key double-dose thresholds in the Roadmap set out by the state government.

Six Local government areas are involved...with the close by shires of Pyrenees and Buloke nominated to take part by the Chief Health officer.

Minister for the Co-ordination of Jobs, precincts and regions Martin Pakula says the trials will begin a few weeks before the double dose 70% threshold is hit which is expected to be mid to late October.

"Those trials are scheduled to start from the 11th of October, roughly two weeks before we anticipate reaching the 70% double dose threshold, its about seeing how our vaccinated economy system might work and we'll trial that with higher patron numbers and crowds with everyone on sites confirmed as being fully vaccinated".

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Warrnambool, Greater Bendigo, East Gippsland and Bass Coast are among the six sites taking part, all decided on by the Chief Health Officer.

Whilst it is a step forward. Member for Ripon Louise Staley says "I just think the plan is wrong, the Government should have an open and transparent process that allows businesses, events and community groups to choose to participate".

Small family businesses across regional Victoria have been smashed by yo-yo lockdowns even when there has been no COVID in their communities so this announcement at last recognises the need for tailored approaches by region.

Miss Staley also the Shadow Minister for Regional Recovery went on to say...

“Although Daniel Andrews has previously ridiculed the Liberal Nationals’ calls for COVID-rules based on local government areas, todays trials by LGA are a welcome reversal.

“Regional businesses and events are keen to start the COVID-recovery phase so the government must allow all businesses within the trial areas to participate rather than exclude any without justification.”

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