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Div 1 winners

Div 1 winners

Mens Div one finally get over the line

No longer the bridesmaid or maid of honour Horsham Volleyballs Division one mens team had a big win over the long weekend and scored the ultimate treasure - the Gold medal and trophy.

Coach Matthew Berry says it was the first time Volleyball Horsham had employed coaches with Mr Berry putting himself forward for the mens job.

He says he was lucky enough to be able to pick the team and picked players he used to play with - he says it wasn't until the final hour that he could confirm the team before the deadline due to it being uni weekend and players have work or other commitments.

"Every year we are pretty confident we are going to be in the top three, unfortunately for us some have up to seven bronze medals and three or four we know we are always thereabouts but there was something we couldn't quite do to get over the we were pretty confident going in and bringing in Josh Cowan as one of our coaches was quite interesting as he brings a different perspective and it helped us in the long run"..

Asked if the win was more of an emotional won Mr Berry Says "its been a long slog, 16 years to get this win was huge and being the first Horsham div one team to finally get the win was not only great for the team but it was great for the whole association thats put a lot of work in over the time".

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There will be no rest for the team as this weekend they will have to line up with some of the guys they've just beaten with state league saturday.

Mr Berry says "not a lot of rest and then teaming up with enemies this weekend, its always interesting feeling especially between Horsham and Bendigo as they are such long standing rivals:.

The Horsham Mens Division one team down Bendigo in the final by straight sets.

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