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Volunteers Required

Volunteers Required

Centre for Participation needs your HELP!

Can you help the Centre For Participation?

Volunteers are required to help the Centre for Participation to help them deliver meals to community members currently self-isolating. There will be NO contact required.

Helpers are also required to write letters or make calls to keep in touch with those that may be alone during this time.

CEO of the Centre for Participation, Julie Pettet is after more people who are willing to help.

The Centre for participation asks those that can help to call and they will start the process from there as they amp up their delivery service.

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The Centre of Participation is reaching out to Residents in the Wimmera that have the time and who are fit and healthy to volunteer their time to do deliveries for those in the area that are currently self-isolating.

The call is also going out for those to make the call. To phone friends, family, and members of the community that may be alone during this time. There is a requirement to keep in touch with those that are not going out.

Ask how they are going, check in with them and keep them company over the phone.

Call the Centre of Participation today and volunteer your time, 5382 5607.

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